Want to tap into the incredible minds and hearts of women in their forties and beyond?


The Aging Project can help.


The Aging Project is a unique platform that brings women together to celebrate and embrace aging. We offer education, support and empowerment to help all women age well with pride and confidence.

There’s no more shrinking into the shadows in middle-age. We know that this can be the best time of our lives – and armed with the information to help us make great choices for our health and lifestyle, there’s no stopping us.

The Aging Project can help selected partners connect with this important demographic. We’ve already partnered with some amazing brands, including Une Piece, Frankie4 Shoes and Clemence Organics, to great success. If your brand aligns with our mission, we would love to work with you too. We can help you build your customer base, increase your brand awareness, or support a specific project.

Our events, podcast, database and digital channels are an amazing opportunity to reach the women you need to speak to.

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