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The Aging Project Podcast is a trail-blazing podcast series hosted by Shelley Craft, that flips the bird to the notion that women in their forties and above should be slowly fading into the background or in a constant battle to look younger. Read more about our podcast here.


Each week, we distribute a newsletter to our subscriber base with five red hot tips for aging well. Read more about our newsletter here.

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What our community are saying

Food for the Soul!

I absolutely love this podcast - I find the topics so energizing and motivating. I have already taken action towards better aging and will listen to these episodes a number of times as there is so much to learn. Shelley- you are a fabulous host too- your thirst to learn is so infectious. Thank you Shelley and Amanda - this podcast came to me just when I needed you! - Lisa

Inspiring Listen!

A podcast on Aging well that has a positive approach to aging - can we just sing hallelujah!? And provides simple, practical tips from magnificent experts .. All hosted by the always-delightful and fun Shelley Craft, I am absolutely loving this podcast. Congratulations team! - Amanda

Get ready to change your life!

WOW...This 12-week age well together podcast by The Aging Project woke me up! As a 46 year old woman I felt as though I was going through the motions of life aging and feeling overall bla. Since listening to the podcasts my entire outlook on my life and the aging process has changed. This challenge has shifted my mindset, changed my body and softened my views about what aging is. Aging is a privilege and something that should be celebrated! I am now the best version of myself and now armed with the tools I have learned from these podcasts I am now a force to be reckoned with as I fully embrace the aging process. Thank you Amanda and Shelley you have changed my life! - Liv